Flag Analytics is now Penta.
We are the world’s first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm.

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Flag Media Analytics is a next generation news monitoring service.

Flag has been built by communicators to meet the needs of the modern news cycle and the escalating stakes of public engagement.
You’ll hear it from Flag first.
Flag serves as an integrated part of your team, delivering personalized analysis and monitoring in real-time. No staff time diverted. No navigating complicated software.
You’ll get just what you need.
Our analysts develop specialized search structures and filters tailored to each client. We cut out the noise to deliver the information you need.
You’ll make informed decisions.
Our analysis looks at media through the lens of relevant content, stripping away black box analytics to deliver meaningful and actionable insight.
Our Services
Event Tracking
Coverage Summaries
Metrics & Analysis
News Roundups
Social Media Digest
Podcast Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
Real-Time Alerts

Not only will we be first, you will get just what you need—no more, no less.